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Deskera LMS - Social Media - File sharing for collaboration in LMS

File Sharing for Collaboration in LMS

Deskera’s Learning Management System allows students and faculty members to share online documents, presentations, and excel sheets among each other. It makes it easy to collaborate and share text documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Deskera LMS - Social Media - Video Conferencing in LMS

Video Conferencing in LMS

LMS enables faculty members to conduct online training sessions. Students can record training sessions and share videos with other students. Students and faculty can also create user groups within a conference call so you can chat.

Deskera LMS - Social Media - Online Polls & Surveys in LMS

Online Polls and Surveys in LMS

Faculty can conduct mix polls and surveys with social media for more engagement and better material with LMS software.

Deskera LMS - Social Media - Discussion Forums in LMS

Discussion Forums in LMS

Deskera’s Learning Management System allows you to create threads on any topic in discussion forums, view new posts easily, group threads and define forum rules. Record all posts on discussion forums and retrieve them at any point in time with discussion forums in LMS.

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Deskera LMS - Social Media - Emails in LMS

Emails in LMS

Deskera’s Learning Management System email provides a single messaging system across all courses for each student with an efficient and easy-to-use functionality to send messages to anyone in their network.

Deskera LMS - Social Media - Chat and IM in LMS

Chat and IM in LMS

Communicate with team members and discuss issues in real time through the group chat and instant messaging functionality with chat and IM features in LMS.

Deskera LMS - Social Media - Contact Management in LMS

Contact Management in LMS

Manage your contacts within and outside the organization with Deskera’s Social Media’s contact management system in LMS. Add contacts as friends and chat with them real-time for quick and efficient collaboration.

Deskera LMS - Social Media - Course Calendars in LMS

Course Calendars in LMS

Maintain multiple calendars, displaying scheduled lectures, tutorials, and exams, as well as submission deadlines, with Course Calendars in LMS. This allows you to get a single view of work schedules in week, day, month, or any time frame, through a consolidated view of multiple calendars.

Deskera LMS - Social Media - To-Do Lists in LMS

To-Do Lists in LMS

LMS allows you to manage many different concurrent lists of activities or tasks by adding to-dos and proceed with your learning objectives efficiently. This helps you to keep track of all your work schedules.

Deskera’s Learning Management software enables faculty to teach online courses through a combination of social media. Our social media tools provide information that exists outside of the classroom. Collaboration between students across the institution. Software provides personal learning space to students where they can create a blog, share sites, and collaborate in a variety of ways with other students. It also allows clubs and departments to create social sites to share information that real-time chat and instant messaging through Deskera LMS fosters. It enables you to use IM and email tools for real-time communication, participate in discussion forums, create and share your personal calendars and events.

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