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What is Deskera eTraining?

Deskera eTraining is a solution for planning, delivering and managing the knowledge capital of your organization. Deskera eTraining can easily be configured to suit program and course structures, training processes, bursary and other norms and policies. The focus of the system is to manage scheduled course activities, trainee and trainer groups, keeping track of their progress and performance through the courses. Deskera eTraining provides a platform which trainer can leverage to disseminate knowledge using their preferred training delivery methods, be it activity-based training, case-study method, or pedagogical delivery.

How is Deskera eTraining different from the training solutions offered by other software vendors?

Deskera provides end-to-end training management solution with a continuous spectrum of business processes which are crucial to the functioning of any training provider, unlike other vendors who provide an isolated content authoring and delivery system.

How are the trainee, trainers and administrator interfaces configurable?

Trainee, trainers and administrator interface are setup as User Roles in the system. Other user roles can also be setup in the system. Access rights are defined for individual modules and functions across the system. Ability for individual user roles to configure the system can also be controlled by the administrator.

Can both students and administrators access Deskera eTraining through a web browser? Which browsers are currently compatible with the system?

All system users, including trainees and administrators, can access the system through a web browser. Deskera eTraining can be accessed via standard web browsers from the popular platforms – Windows, Mac and Linux. All popular web browsers are supported such as Internet Explorer (7.0 and above), Mozilla Firefox (2.0 and above), Safari, Flock and Chrome.

Does Deskera eTraining allow users to search the course catalog using multiple search criteria?

Yes, Deskera’s Platform incorporates a Search Engine that enables the users to save time and efforts by searching-for-any-type of content in Deskera eTraining. Our unique ‘search as you type’ functionality further facilitates faster content retrieval. Advanced search capabilities are provided to search on any of the attributes for any entity including course, trainee, trainer and content.

Is Deskera eTraining compliant with the Training standards such as AICC, SCORM?

Deskera is fully compliant with AICC standards. It also fully supports SCORM 1.2 and 1.3, with the highest compliance rating of “SCORM 1.2 Run-Time Environment Conformant – Minimum with All Optional Model Elements (LMS-RTE3)”.

Training Management

Does the system provide the ability to create and manage training sessions?

Deskera Training Management enables you to set up training courses to be delivered to trainees and define which training activities are applicable to which program. It allows scheduling classes, providing feedback on trainers and course material effectiveness, maintaining training records. You can categorize courses in groups by subject area and structure the course catalogue with ease and create course groups by their delivery method. You can decide on the access rights for the course i.e whether to make the course available for the trainers in the training portal or no.

Does the system provide the ability to create course evaluations?

Deskera eTraining allows you to define and implement grade assignment and evaluation workflows. A different grade book set up can be defined for every course or set of courses, as desired by the trainer. Grades can be generated automatically for online assessments or captured for assessments conducted in physical environments. Grade books can be published and displayed to trainees only after the grades have been confirmed according to the workflows defined.

Can administrators set up curricula that support electives and enforce prerequisites?

Course pre-requisites can be defined easily using an intuitive drag and drop interface. Academic structure and curriculum setup provides the ability to define various information for courses including whether they are electives, optional or mandatory courses, credit hours, grading schemes, completion rules and more. Deskera provides the most flexible tool and methodology to create curriculum with rules for elective courses, and prerequisites. The system allows creation of groups of courses with the option to specify the exact or minimum number of courses to be completed within that group – allowing the system to check the selection of electives. Curricula can also be cloned and modified to facilitate easier management and administration of the same. Features to selectively migrate course content, trainers, training activity schedules, pre-requisite rules and other attributes to the next academic term are provided. Pre-requisites definition also includes the ability for administrators to define a combination of rules for attributes such as courses completed, educational qualifications, grades achieved in previous course taken, minimum number of credit hours, etc.

Does the system support setting of permissions-based controls allowing users to view specific curriculum and other training activities based on role?

Role based access is provided across the system. Role based access allows administrators to assign view/edit/access permissions for each task, process in the system. These permissions can be assigned to roles based on a variety of parameters including location, organization, trainee type, trainer type etc.

Training Content Management

What content development tools are incorporated in Deskera eTraining?

The system provides tools for content authoring, compiling and archival. Content authoring workflows can be defined in the system for individual courses. Deskera’s highly intuitive drag-and-drop interface coupled with a rich rules engine facilitates quick content development and pedagogy management. Training Objects can be created by authorized trainers which include sections, quizzes, files and links. These objects can be tagged and archived for quick retrieval later. These objects can also be shared by either making it public or by sharing it only with select groups of collaborators. Sections can be created using a WYSIWIG editor. Sections can then either be saved as drafts or published as and when final. Files in popular formats from Adobe, Microsoft and others can be included within the course content. Rich content and media from the web can be also embedded within the training content – videos, presentations, podcasts, blogs, RSS feeds and more.

Do you offer test/evaluation authoring with your system?

Deskera offers extensive assignment creation and management capabilities. The system enables trainers to create and configure quizzes and publish them as part of the course content while eliminating a steep training curve generally associated with sophisticated tools. It incorporates an intuitive Quiz Creation Wizard for quick and easy publishing of quizzes and assignments. Trainers can create multiple question types and define quiz time-limits. Multiple Difficulty Levels and respective grading can be setup for each question. The system incorporates a Question Bank which provides a single central repository of all questions authored across the organization.

What test question formats are supported by Deskera eTraining (short answer, multiple choice, essay, etc.)?

The questions formats can be multiple choice questions with single or multiple correct answers, true or false questions, short answers, fill-in-the-blank questions, freeform essay questions, matching questions and sequence questions.

Trainee Management

Does your system provide the ability for trainee to view/update their development plans?

The system provides tools to enable trainees to plan for their workload and assignments. These allow trainees to check marks on assignments and tests, check their progress through the course material, perform workload planning, plan their personal professional development objectives, track real-time progress on their objectives and track their relative position and performance compared to peers. Each trainee is provided with a dedicated calendar, to-do list, to manage and track significant events, milestones, tasks to help them achieve their goals. The intuitiveness of these tools and the system ensure high acceptance and usage levels among trainees.

Can I maintain trainee profiles including funding details for each trainee?

Yes, you can maintain comprehensive details of all trainees including tariner adviser details and funding methods. You can easily manage and maintain multiple funding records of each trainee including self-funded, sponsored candidates and scholarship plans.

Can I maintain alumni details in Deskera eTraining?

Yes, Deskera eTraining allows you to effectively maintain comprehensive alumni details. You can easily manage alumni membership requests and track alumni donations and gifts.

Trainer Management

Does the system provide the ability for a trainer to group enroll their entire class into a given course?

Trainers can enroll their entire class into a given course. The ability to do this also depends on the course configuration – it can be configured such that only certain courses and certain trainers can enroll trainees directly. The trainer can select trainees and register them as a group for a course. Ability for trainers to upload an .xls or .csv file in pre-defined format can also be provided to reduce the data entry effort.

Does the system provide the ability for a trainer or administrator to approve/deny enrollments when approval is required?

Approval workflows for enrollments and course registrations can be defined in the system. The authorities responsible for approval – whether trainer or administrators – can be assigned access rights for the same. Authorities are automatically notified of pending approvals, processing, etc to give them clear visibility into enrollment status for courses. The system provides an interface where the entire list of trainees along with status (registered, waiting for approval, payment pending, rejected etc.) of the courses they are enrolled for is maintained. From this interface the administrator or trainer can approve/ cancel registration. Notifications via email, SMS or system notifications can be automatically sent to the trainees.

Training Collaboration

What collaboration capabilities are available in Deskera eTraining?

Deskera solution provides a seamless integrated collaboration suite for all training activities. These can be turned on/off for individual courses and programs. The collaborative suite includes personal messaging system for communication within the team, discussion forum for collaboration between trainees and trainers, social networking with facilities for content sharing and management, shared calendars for collaboration on events, instant messaging and chat, project workspaces, blogs which can be published for individual courses and wikis for trainees and trainers to collaborate on training topics and assignments.

Does the system allow trainees to tap into course specific expert communities?

Dedicated training communities are provided for all programs and courses. Subject matter experts can be invited to these communities specifically. Threaded discussion forums, workspaces, chat, wikis, blogs are provided for each community.

How do I use the course calendar?

Course calendar is the most collaborative tool in Deskera eTraining. Every course has a dedicated calendar. Follow the simple steps listed below to start working on the team calendar:

1. Go to Academic Calendar. 2. Click on ‘New Calendar’ to create a new calendar.

3. Select a calendar from the left navigation panel to change to display the events of the selected calendar.

4. Use Settings in the calendar option link below the calendar in the left navigation panel to change the calendar details like color, calendar name, description, and time zone.

5. Use the links week, workweek, and month links on the top panel of the calendar to change to the respective view.

6. Calendar can be deleted using the ‘Delete’ tab on the top panel of the calendar or by using the ‘Calendar Option’ link below the calendar in the left navigation panel.

Can I import/export calendars in Deskera eTraining?

You can import all event details in Deskera Calendar in iCal format. You can also import standard calendars such as holidays which are inbuilt in Deskera eTraining. Similarly you can export Deskera Calendar in iCal format.

How do I initiate a discussion in Discussion Forum?

Initiating a discussion is as simple as sending an email. Select a course for which you want to initiate the discussion and then type your message from the ‘New Message’ button in ‘Discussion’ tab. A new thread appears where you can give a title and enter message details. Also, carry out the basic formatting of the message by ‘Rich-Text Formatting’ options from the toolbar and easily attach files to the message. View the message(s) received in the ‘Discussion’ tab and reply to them by clicking on the ‘Reply’ button at the top.

How do I add a To-Do?

Select a particular course and click ‘To-Do list’ to view all the To-Dos. Select ‘Add To-Do’ and add a new To-Do by giving it a name and sending it to a To-Do group from the drop down.

Can I prioritize To-Dos?

The priorities of the To-Dos can be set as High, Normal or Low. Right click on the To-Do, select edit and change the priority level of the To-Do by selecting an option from the drop-down.

How do I notify the To-Dos to others in my course?

Select a To-Do which you want to notify and select whether you want to notify all or some selected course members. The To-Dos will be notified to all the course members or the few selected.

What is the benefit of subscribing the To-Dos through RSS?

One can stay updated on all the To-Dos added and can work on them effectively receiving time to time updates on the To-Dos by subscribing them to RSS.

How do I mark my To-Dos as complete?

On completion of the To-Dos, all you need to do is simply click on the tick icon on the left hand side of the To-Do. The tick will be converted to green and a strikethrough will pass through the to-do indicating the completion of the To-Do.

Does the system provide the capability to store files such as MS Word docs, PowerPoint, PDFs, audio and video files within the eTraining at the course level?

Yes, Deskera provides a dedicated Document Management System for each course which can store files in all popular formats including MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, PDFs. Audio and Video files can also be stored. All these file types and content objects can be used in course activities, assignments, examinations and made available for download and printing directly for enhanced blended training.

Deskera eTraining allows you to search documents on the basis of tags, file names and document content, thus providing you with ‘Full Text Search’ functionality. Incorporate Advanced Enterprise Search capabilities, such as ‘search-as-you-type’ to obtain faster search results.

How much document storage space do I get when I sign up for Deskera eTraining?

The default document storage space in Deskera eTraining is 1GB per user. If you want additional storage space, all you need to do is pay a minimal fee of $10 per month for every additional 5GB of storage.

Educational CRM

How can I Implement customer relationship, sales and support processes for learners, partners and other constituents of organization’s academic environment with educational CRM?

Deskera eTraining Educational CRM enables you to capture contact information of trainees, partners and organizations from forms published across the web. You can qualify leads automatically based on pre-defined criteria such as academic qualification, years of experience and other custom criteria. It helps you to utilize rich and easy-to-use portal features to ensure continued interaction with trainees and partners, right from recruitment to retention. Also, you can leverage inbuilt discussion forums by setting up dedicated interactive support forums for trainees, partners, instructors and other constituents.


How can I manage training for my organization with Deskera Analytics?

With Deskera Analytics organizations can

  • Track content usage
  • Create an objectives and KPI library that is accessible by all employees and can be incorporated into their personal score cards.
  • Automatically allocate parallel objectives to groups of employees based on certain defined eligibility criteria
  • Track progress towards achievement and enable feedback.
  • Construct successful career paths
  • • Help manager and employees gain insights into key development needs through employee profile reports and scorecards
  • • Conduct skill gap analysis for individual employees enabling optimal utilization of human capital, greater employee engagement and effective succession planning.

Facility Management

How can I manage training resources in Deskera eTraining?

The Facility management module in Deskera eTraining lets you manage all resources like rooms, projectors, vehicles and more. Resources can be grouped and their booking rules can be defined accordingly. Working hours and associated costs for resources can be defined.

How can I track availability of training resources?

Resource calendars help you easily identify the availability and usage of resources. Notifications are sent to associated personnel when bookings are canceled and suitable alternative resources and dates are suggested.

How does Deskera eTraining manage booking of resources?

Based on the Booking Rules defined for each resource, the resource (including trainers) can be booked and scheduled by authorized personnel for various training events including course runs, classes, seminars, workshops, classrooms, etc. If resources are assigned to classrooms or other training centers (which can be setup in the system), they are automatically booked along with the classrooms for course runs and other training activities.

Can Deskera eTraining identify conflicts during resource booking?

Scheduling conflicts are automatically detected during booking of resources. Alternative dates are also suggested along with the calendar view for quick and informed decision making.

Deskera Email

How do I set up my E-mail account?

You can set up your email account easily in Deskera. Just follow these steps to get started:

  • Enter Account Name: Enter a name for your e-mail account. This name is displayed in your Personal Email List. Use a unique name to distinguish it from other E-mail accounts such as ‘My Gmail Account’.
  • Enter From Name: Enter a name you wish to display as sender’s name in all your outgoing e-mails such as ‘John from DIA’.
  • Enter User Name: Enter the Username you use to login your favorite e-mail account along with the domain name such as for your Gmail account.
  • Enter Password: Provide the password you use to enter your e-mail account. Your personal settings are secure with Deskera.
  • Enter Mail Server Address: Provide the incoming mail server address such as for your Gmail account. If you are unsure about this information, please check your email server provider settings for configuring an email client. Here are links to some popular e-mail provider settings: Find Gmail Settings here, Find Yahoo Mail Settings here.
  • Enter Mail Server Protocol: Choose the protocol IMAP/POP3 provided by your e-mail service provider for setting up an e-mail client such as IMAP for setting up your Gmail account.
  • Map folders for your IMAP Account: Click on Select to view the folders available in your IMAP account. Choose one of them to sync it with your Trash folder and Sent folder. imap-account
  • Enter Mail Server Port: Provide incoming mail server port setting for all your incoming e-mails such as 993 for your Gmail account.


Is there any help available in Deskera eTraining?

Deskera eTraining offers complete assistance wherever you require through the following Help features:

  • Getting Started Tips: If you are new to Deskera, get a useful and quick tour of all major features through the Getting Started Tips. The tour will get you started with Deskera with in minutes of logging in. Look out for the Getting-Started-Tips icon on the top right corner of your screen for viewing these tips.
  • Contextual Help:Whenever you need any help regarding any link/button, Deskera provides you with a unique feature wherein you have to just hover your mouse pointer over the link/button and view its details.
  • Browse through our “Frequently Asked Questions” to find immediate answers to most of your queries.
  • Contact Deskera Support We are here to help you!
  • Find useful tips and tricks on Deskera Blog.

How can I monitor the user activities in Deskera eTraining?

You can easily monitor user activities in the system using the ‘Audit Trail’ functionality which provides an Audit Log of parameters such as activity, user IP, username, timestamp of all user activities in Deskera eTraining. You can use filters related to Training Modules to easily search activities related to courses, trainees, facilities and more. Search-as-you-type functionality allows you to quickly search through Audit Trail records.